Environmental Testing

L.I.F.E. Seeds provides an array of environmental consulting services. Key areas of expertise are provided by Edmond R. VandenBosche, CIH with over 25 years’ experience with Phase I and Phase II environmental site assessments and by Eric Kass with over 5 years of experience with hazardous waste management and over 10 years of experience with managing environmental hazards in the built environment.

Image courtesy of: http://www.tsccorp.com/environment.html

Image courtesy of: http://www.tsccorp.com/environment.html

Environmental Site Assessments

L.I.F.E. Seeds produces Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (ESA) following the procedures of ASTM Method E1527-13. For Phase II ESAs, L.I.F.E. Seeds uses  an independent Certified Professional Geologist, Roy Backman, to develop sampling and analytical strategies. Eric Kass has remediated contaminated sites and provides leadership in the development of remediation specifications and work plan development.


Soil Testing

L.I.F.E. Seeds teams with Roy Backman, CPG, and Steve Saul, Certified Well Driller, to collect soil samples. Techniques can include surface sampling with hand tools, hand augers to collect near surface samples, direct push technology, split spoon augers, and sampling from test pits.  Samples are submitted to EPA approved laboratories for analysis. Contamination plumes can be detailed in three dimensions to assist in developing remediation plans.


Water Testing

Water Sampling is often required to evaluate composition of drinking water, industrial discharges, surface water, or ground water. L.I.F.E. Seeds can provide sampling of any of these media, along with chemical evaluation for standard pollutants.

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Remedial Design and Monitoring

After identifying soil and water contamination, L.I.F.E. Seeds develops specifications for remediation and/or work plans for contractors. In either case the plan must include the approach for remediation, waste management, the health and safety of the workers, and protection of community health.  L.I.F.E. Seeds helps with all of these plans. During remediation, L.I.F.E. Seeds analyzes waste to determine if it is hazardous, monitors worker exposures, and monitors fence line releases. In addition, L.I.F.E. Seeds cooperates with EPA and state regulators to ensure that remediation will comply with requirements of the regulatory agencies.